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Culture, etiquette, sophistication... For Ornik the ShadowRider, these things mean nothing. All due to a single twist of Fate.

Ornik was born Randis III of Welgenstone, oldest son of and heir to Randis II, the Lord of Welgenstone, a small area locked within the Jalkeer Mountains. As landowner and governor of most of the surrounding area, Lord Randis' territory included several small but profitable gold mines. The Randis lineage maintained the aristocratic tradition of passing on the family holdings to the first born son. For Feldrek, the envious younger brother of Randis II, this meant his last hope of inheriting the family holdings died when he received word of the birth of his nephew. The birth had occurred in the far off province off Myrdinweiss, where the first family of Welgenstone was vacationing. Not willing to give up his dreams of wealth to an infant, Feldrek arranged a boating 'accident' to occur on the return trip, intended to cause the death of Lord Randis and his new heir. Miraculously, the father survived the incident, but the infant Randis and his mother were lost at sea.

Lost, but not perished, the little boy washed up on the shore of the rural village named Korga. Though near death, the infant was nursed back to health and subsequently claimed by a peasant family. The young Randis was given the name Ornik, because of the swine-like sounds he made just after he was discovered. As the boy aged, Ornik's relationship with his new family began to sour. He resented his treatment, which was more like that of a slave than a boy, being made to work longer hours in the field than the other children. This resentment grew into hatred as his adoptive parents repeatedly beat him into submission. Ornik's mind, which was damaged from his childhood illness, never fully developed. What Ornik lacked in his brain, however, he made up for in brawn--Ornik entered his young adulthood strong, hale and hearty.

One sullen day, some 16 years after a little boy washed up on a beach, the village of Korga was attacked by a ShadowRider raiding party. Running in from the fields, Ornik found the entire village in flames. With a stout wooden club in hand, Ornik barreled into the village square to find ShadowRiders about to execute his adoptive family. Taken aback by the youth's size and violent disposition, the ShadowRiders released their victims and slowly backed away. With several titan swings, compounding the forces of hate, anger, and excitement, Ornik ended the lives of his adoptive parents, to the shock and delight of the ShadowRiders. From that moment on, Ornik joined their ranks as a free man, earning his keep many times over in raiding and plundering.

As a ShadowRider, Ornik has been quite happy. He is simple, yet ruthless. He enjoys the powerful feeling of attacking the helpless. One of his favorite skirmishes involved the leveling of the settlement of Welgenstone. While there, he personally killed the governor, taking his blade. Ignorant of his true heritage, Ornik did not see the irony of this particular killing... not that he would have comprehended it if he had known.


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