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Orin the Blue is the youngest of the six members of the Guild High Council. She underwent the Rite of Reflection and joined the Council upon the passing of Devron the Blue two years prior to the Season of Storms that drove Allandra into the West.

Orin is very ambitious. As one of the youngest ever to don the blue robes, she rose very quickly through the lower colors. She possesses an unwavering belief in the Balance of All Things, and although she tries to remain outwardly modest, Orin has tightly embraced the responsibilities of a Blue Mage, and hopes to one day know the weight of the Gray robes.

Born the middle child of minor nobility in the small, but prosperous fiefdom of Pelatael in the East, Orin excelled over her two brothers in her academic studies. Denying her mother's dying wish to join the Church of Illuma as a priestess, Orin apprenticed herself to the Guild, donning the Brown robes at the age of nine.

Under the tutelage of Bracepeth the Violet, Orin advanced to the Green robes by age 13. As Orin the Orange, she journeyed to the West and took up residence in Aragorn. Most of her magical skills were honed during her 4 years as an Orange mage, and Orin the Red quickly gained recognition as a force to be feared. First in the Orange robes, and then as a Red mage, she quested the length and breadth in Romellia, in dedicated service to the Guild. And though her loyalty was often tested, at times by Gareth the Gray himself, Orin always delivered without question.

At age 21, Orin became the youngest mage ever to attain the Violet robes. Despite her youth, she was able to command respect and worked to settle a long-standing border dispute between two powerful kingdoms in the Southeast. After only two years as a Violet mage, Orin was requested to undergo the Rite of Reflection and thus join the inner circle of Blue mages and sit on the Guild High Council. Orin knew that this was her destiny, and the Gray mage appeared to share that feeling.

Orin's confidence and leadership has been a mixed blessing for the Guild High Council. She is well known for pointing out all the possibilities of the Council's actions, and has caused the other members to take the defensive on numerous occasions. Though she is often chastised by the older members of the Council for her brashness, she is looked to in times of need as a pillar of strength and confidence. And they know, as does Orin herself, that in time she may well lead the Guild as the Gray mage.

Orin the Blue

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