Sheriff Sheriff
For Sherriff Micah, this above all: loyalty and devotion to the safety of Shasgorath.

Micah Halbren was born and raised in the little town of Shasgorath. His parents moved there from Belks in search of a better patch of farmland. Hard working and honest, they managed to instill within Micah the importance of fairness and justice. When he came of age, Micah served as a deputy under Sherriff Kab Fernow for many years. When the venerable Kab stepped down from his post, no one questioned that Micah be the next Sherriff.

In his fourteen years serving the people of Shasgorath, Micah has attempted to avoid politics, with some measure of success, though he does understand the fundamentals. Political pressures play a surprisingly large role in the sleepy town and, from time to time, create real turmoil amongst its citizens. Although he has been asked many times to run for Mayor, Sherriff Micah has always chosen to serve his beloved town from behind the badge. While he is confident he could handle the demands of that office, Micah is cautious not to open such an aggressive dialogue with the town's current Mayor.

Though he is not a great adventurer, Sherriff Micah is certainly no stranger to troubles. While the vast majority of his duties involve minor and common squabbles, his occupation infrequently shows him all too much of the darker side of matters. Though he has witnessed some unspeakable atrocities, even within Shasgorath itself, that would strain even the most hardened warrior, Micah tries to keep his town ignorant of the worst details.

Through his years as Sherriff, Micah has honed his skills as an excellent judge of character. His inquisitive, suspicious nature has helped him to capture many criminals, and he always manages to remain level-headed, no matter what the situation brings.


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