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Bethen the Thief is a member of the Third Clave of the Deep, south of Aragorn. She is the half sister of High Mark Jander and the daughter of the previous High Mark. With four marks to her name, Bethen is a talented thief.

As the only female in her clave, Bethen has been forced to prove herself many times over to rise in the ranks of the male-dominated lifestyle of thievery. Bethen has overcome her gender stereotype, and she has embraced the benefits of her feminine charms. Sexy, seductive, and stealthy, Bethen has quite literally charmed the pants, and gold, off of many a gullible fellow.

Bethen was born into the live of a thief. Her father, the former High Mark Ranvis, was a talented and just man. He upheld the thieves' code to the letter within the Third Clave of the Deep. He also deeply loved his Clave and his family. At first disappointed with his daughter's inability to hone her thieving skills, Ranvis began thinking of other opportunities--outside the Clave--for Bethen. But as the years passed, her determination, along with her brother Jander's constant encouragement, helped Bethen become an active member in the Clave. Sadly, the gaining of her first mark was an event that her father did not witness, as he was wrongfully accused of a vicious murder and put to death. In fact, it was her part in extracting revenge on the true murderer that earned Bethen her first mark.

Her skills continue to develop, but it is her physical developments that truly allow Bethen to excel. Her sexual appeal has directly led to her success. It is said her smile is more powerful than any dagger or poison, and there are few men who disagree. With her special skills, Bethen has proven her position in the Third Clave of the Deep, where she is jealously guarded by her Clave-brothers.

Bethen the Thief

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