Illuma's Light Illuma's Light
A visionary in blind faith.

Beacon Fox began his career in Illuma at birth. When his natural mother died in childbirth, the church adopted the infant. Mother Dorcia, the priestess assisting in the birth, brought the child to the Edmonson Conservatory where the young Shavon Fox was raised. A career in the church was never in question and he took the pledge to Illuma at 16. An eager scholar, Father Fox continued his studies and later taught at the conservatory, spreading the work of his beloved Goddess Illuma and granting her servants with the gift of knowledge.

Although he was proficient in many areas of study, the Father preferred the logical areas such as mathematics. This analytical appreciation was combined with artistic ability when the good Father undertook the task of designing and overseeing the construction of a new library at the Conservatory. While very few could appreciate his intellectual prowess; his genius became apparent when the library was unveiled. A host of high ranking priests and beacons came to marvel at the complex structure and the gifted designer. The always-humble Father Fox refused to accept any credit, repeatedly thanking Illuma for his abilities. His humble life was about to change as the High Priest of the West came to meet the man who could bring the goodness of the Light into physical form. With the rapid growth in Aragorn, the High Priest planed for a new, titanic cathedral to be built. The young Father Fox accepted his leader's charge and came to Aragorn to oversee construction on the grand new house of Illuma. With Father Fox's magnificent planning and the overwhelming support of the church and community the structure was complete in a short 22 years. With its star-shaped walls and magically open space, the cathedral remains a glorious tribute to the Goddess of Light.

With this accomplishment Father Fox took the title of Beacon Fox and served the Church of Illuma from the cathedral in Aragorn by creating unique projects and structures to bring Illuma's glory to the people. During the Darkened Season of Storms, Fox was charged to uplift the people's spirits as the High Priest gave his speech to the people. The cleaver Beacon modified a large sailing ship to hold a massive banner to Illuma that would unfurl on cue and serve as a backdrop to the High Priest. The forced of darkness were at work that day and the ship burst into flames and many of the priests onboard were lost. The Beacon was able to survive but at a high cost. In saving others from the burning pyre, Beacon Fox lost his sight as the licking flames claimed his eyes. While he would agree the lost of his sight is a small price to pay for the lives he was able to save, he will never again be able to see his glorious creations.

Beacon Fox

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